Established in the year 2011 under multidisciplinary committee of SSGBCOET Bhusawal, Blanka Botz has grown to be one of the major Teams in the Robotics Field which are into production of manual and autonomous machines with a purpose of serving different sectors including domestic, defence and commercial. A leader in its areas of business, the Group has expanded in a Design, Manufacturing and construction of robots. It also includes operations and applications of designed robots.

International robot contest-2019 (Seoul, South Korea)

This event was mainly an international robotics exhibition under which this event was conducted. We, Blanka Botz, represented India for the first time in ant weight category, with the India’s first ant weight robot of 1 lb. This robot comprised of custom 3D printed chassis in which plastic and carbon fibre were used. We as a team represented India and we didn’t expect anything more than our active participation and keeping our nation’s pride. There were teams and their robots all around the world with all the categories like humanoids, dancing robots, and many more. We were more than happy for the new mark we made by designing and manufacturing a new category of robot, representing it at such a huge platform was a pleasure!