Established in the year 2011 under multidisciplinary committee of SSGBCOET Bhusawal, Blanka Botz has grown to be one of the major Teams in the Robotics Field which are into production of manual and autonomous machines with a purpose of serving different sectors including domestic, defence and commercial. A leader in its areas of business, the Group has expanded in a Design, Manufacturing and construction of robots. It also includes operations and applications of designed robots.

DARA 2.0

DARA 2.0

Type:  Vertical Disc – Featherweight
Weight:  15 kg
Year of creation: 2019

“Dara” a Name itself sounds so strong as our 15 Kg is, it is the One of the Strongest robots in 15 Kg Weight category in India. Its our Tribute to Mr. Dara Singh Randhawa Born (19 November 1928 – 12 July 2012) was an Indian professional wrestleractor. He is known for his undefeated worldwide streak in wrestling and later being a successful movie star. His role of Hanuman in Ramayan made him popular. In weight proportion, it’s the fastest, strongest and most resistant robot from BlankaBotz. Still, its high-end components work below their nominal conditions, which increases their durability and makes the robot very reliable. It our very firstfully Brushless Drive Robot. We have used Scorpion Motor for the Powerful & Very Strong Vertical Spinner. We have Put B-Box 15 Customized Gearboxes by Rompot Technologies With Brushless Setup. The Chassis is made up of Aluminium 6061 T6 Grade which is very Light in Weight & gives us an advantage to protect Dara with a Strong AR500 Armor in Front with Different Attachments.

Robot Name DARA 2.0
Year of creation 2019
Robot Weight category 15 KG
Robot Type Asymmetrical vertical spinner
Robot Dimensions (L*B*H) mm 255*430*160 mm
Material used in robot Alluminium 6061 T6, En24, AR500, Titanium
Drive Motors NTM Propdrive 4238 740kv @24v
ESC Used for Drive 100 Amp simonk flashed
Drive Gearbox Ratio 20:1 (BBOX 15 Gearbox)
Drive motors RPM After Reduction 888 Rpm
Wheel Size 4 inch
Theoretical Top speed of robot 15.4 MPH
Weapon Motor Scorpion 4035 560kv @24v
ESC Used for weapon Redbrick 200A
Weapon Pulley Ratio 1.4:1
Weapon RPM at max 9600
Weapon Material &
Hardening (HRC)
EN24 Tool steel Hardened at 46 HRC
Weapon Weight 2.9 Kg
Weapon Shaft Diameter 30 mm
Bearing Used in Weapon SKF 32008
Thickness of Top Plate 3 mm
Thickness of Base Plate 10 mm
Chassis Material Aluminum 6061 T6 Grade
Attachments Full Wedge Attachment, Antiskid
Armor Attachments
Kill switch Links
Battrey Used & Specs of Battrey
6s 1300mah 120c (2 pcs parrallel combination for drive and 2 pcs parrallel combination for weapon)
Robot Exact weight with highest weight attachment.. 14.7kg
Machining cost with Material and without eletronics 42k
Top achievements Winner of Geca aurangabad 2020
Runner at projection parul university 2020

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