Established in the year 2011 under multidisciplinary committee of SSGBCOET Bhusawal, Blanka Botz has grown to be one of the major Teams in the Robotics Field which are into production of manual and autonomous machines with a purpose of serving different sectors including domestic, defence and commercial. A leader in its areas of business, the Group has expanded in a Design, Manufacturing and construction of robots. It also includes operations and applications of designed robots.



Type: Vertical Spinner –Heavy Weight
Weight:  110 kg
Year of creation: 2018


Dhanaji was a Unique & Special Robot made by Team BlankaBotz in 2018 for BitvaRobotov Russia. It is the Only Robot from team to win a title in 110 Kg Category. Dhanaji was a Winner of BitvaRobotov, Russia. It was a Combination of Khashaba’s Vertical Spinner &Yesaji’s Chassis. Dhanaji was made in just 5-6 Days. As the Chassis was already made & Weapon was ready to mount & Perform. But it is even more difficult to make a robot from two different robot parts to make it from zero. Dhanaji was one Masterpiece made by us.

Dhanaji Jadhav(1650–1708) was a warrior of the Maratha Empire. Along with SantajiGhorpade he made terrifying campaigns against Mughal Army from 1689 to 1696. After Santaji, Dhanaji became the chief of the Maratha army in 1696 and remained on the post until his death in 1708.

At an early age, Dhanaji joined Maratha army under Shivaji’s Military Chief Prataprao Gujar. In the battles at Umbrani and Nesari, Dhanaji’s performance attracted attention of Shivaji for the first time. He was named by Shivaji on his death bed among six pillars of Maratha Empire who would save the kingdom in hard times. They would end up with success in the 27 Years War between Mughal forces of Aurangzeb and the Maratha forces.

Robot Name DHANAJI
Year of creation 2018
Robot Weight category 110kgs
Robot Type Vertical Disc Weapon
Robot Dimensions (L*B*H) mm
Material used in robot Aluminium 6061 T6, AR 500, EN 24
Drive Motors Ampflow A28-400 @24v
ESC Used for Drive Victor BB (1 per side)
Drive Gearbox Ratio 7.27:1 (custome Gearbox)
Drive motors RPM After Reduction 674rpm
Wheel Size 7inches
Theoretical Top speed of robot 12.1 MPH
Weapon Motor Ampflow A28-400 @24v
ESC Used for weapon Vex Victor BB
Weapon Pulley Ratio 0.9:1
Weapon RPM at max 5400 RPM
Weapon Material &
Hardening (HRC)
En24 with S7 tooth and HARDENING EN=44-46HRC S7=54HRC
Weapon Weight 18kgs
Weapon Shaft Diameter 35mm
Bearing Used in Weapon SKF 32207
Thickness of Top Plate 6mm
Thickness of Base Plate 10mm
Chassis Material Al 6061-T6
Attachments Double wedge
Armor Attachments NA
Kill switch MS-02 Kill Switch For Drive & Weapon
Battrey Used & Specs of Battrey Maxamp 8000mah 11.1V 150C (SERIES COMBINATION 2 PCS FOR DRIVE, SERIES COMBINATION 2PCS FOR WEAPON)
Robot Exact weight with
highest weight attachment
Machining cost with
Material and without eletronics
70000 Rupees
Top achievements Winner of Bitva Robotov(2018) held in Yekaterinburg, Russia

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