Established in the year 2011 under multidisciplinary committee of SSGBCOET Bhusawal, Blanka Botz has grown to be one of the major Teams in the Robotics Field which are into production of manual and autonomous machines with a purpose of serving different sectors including domestic, defence and commercial. A leader in its areas of business, the Group has expanded in a Design, Manufacturing and construction of robots. It also includes operations and applications of designed robots.

Yesaji 2.0

Yesaji 2.0

Type: Vertical Spinner–Heavy Weight
Weight:  110 kg
Year of creation: 2019


The second version of Yesaji 2.0 used a more tried-and-tested design, consisting of a four-wheel drive machine armed with a golden disc, spinning vertically at 7500rpm at the front of the robot. The robot was also capable of running inverted on two of its wheels, albeit without the use of its weapon. The robot was largely coloured white, but was decorated with a brick wall design across its front Armor panels.

The robot was named after YesajiKank, a childhood comrade of Shivaji Maharaj, a warrior king and the founder of the Maratha Empire.

Returning for Season 2, Yesaji 2.0is the most powerful robot made by Team BlankaBotz. Yesaji defeated Flaming Wheel,Yesaji also represented Tu Ziya in the Attrition War, where it beat Rhino on a Judges’ decision. In the next round, however, Yesaji earned a prompt victory over Two BBQ and secured Tu Ziya’s first victory over another manager. However, Yesaji was beaten soundly by Black Rabbit, which led to Yesaji and the rest of Tu Ziya’s team being eliminated from King of Bots II.

  • Yesaji was the first robot in Season 2 to compete twice in a single episode on more than one occasion, as it appeared in two fights during both Episode 6 and Episode 8.
  • Yesaji had the highest amount of fights in King of Bots IIout of the robots which did not advance to the final tournament, fighting in eight separate battles.


Robot Name Yesaji 2.0
Year of creation 2019
Robot Weight category 110KG
Robot Type Vertical Disc Spinner
Robot Dimensions (L*B*H) mm 684*610*310mm
Material used in robot Aluminium 6061 T6, D2, Alum 6082, AR 500, EN 24
Drive Motors A28-400 @24v
ESC Used for Drive Victor BB (1 for Each side)
Drive Gearbox Ratio 6.5625 WITH BBOX- 60 GEARBOX
Drive motors RPM After Reduction 750rpm
Wheel Size 7 Inch (4WD)
Theoretical Top speed of robot 15.6 MPH
Weapon Motor Scorpion 7050 340KV @48v
ESC Used for weapon A200s vesc
Weapon Pulley Ratio 2:1
Weapon RPM at max 8100 RPM
Weapon Material &
Hardening (HRC)
D2 Steel, 45 HRC (Vacuum Hardening)
Weapon Weight 23.4 Kg
Weapon Shaft Diameter 45mm
Bearing Used in Weapon SKF
Thickness of Top Plate 6mm
Thickness of Base Plate 10mm
Chassis Material Aluminium 6061 T6
Attachments Full Wedge, Split Wedges, Front Armor (Straight)
Armor Attachments Front Armor AR 500
Kill switch MS-02 Kill Switch For Drive & Weapon
Battrey Used & Specs of Battrey 8000mah 22.2V 75C (Parrallel COMBINATION 2 PCS FOR DRIVE, SERIES COMBINATION 2PCS FOR WEAPON)
Robot Exact weight with
highest weight attachment
110 Kg
Machining cost with
Material and without eletronics
1.5 Lacs
Top achievements Participated in KOB 2.0 in year 2019, Yesaji was in Top 4 Teams from All over KOB season & in Top 3 from Thusi’s Team. Yesaji was the one of the power full robot from India.

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