Established in the year 2011 under multidisciplinary committee of SSGBCOET Bhusawal, Blanka Botz has grown to be one of the major Teams in the Robotics Field which are into production of manual and autonomous machines with a purpose of serving different sectors including domestic, defence and commercial. A leader in its areas of business, the Group has expanded in a Design, Manufacturing and construction of robots. It also includes operations and applications of designed robots.



Type: Grabber & Lifter–Heavy Weight
Weight:  110 kg
Year of creation: 2018


Yesaji is a robot from India which competed in This is Fighting Robots and King of Bots II, under two completely different Designs. Yesajiis built and entered by renowned Indian robot combat team BlankaBotz.

The original version of Yesaji was a black and red, four-wheel drive robot with a low, roughly box-shaped chassis and a lifting&grabbing weapon. The weapon combined a forked lifting plate with a pair of overhead clamping jaws, which were intended to allow Yesaji to grab and lift opponents. It boasted reasonable ramming power, the Drive was verypowerful attached A400 Amp flow Motors with Customized Gearbox. Season 1.5 was a rough season as Yesaji could not make it to the 2nd round even after winning the Match.

Again,The Heavyweight Robot Yesaji is a Tribute to the Legend Warrior YesajiKank. He was the head of the foot soldiers in the army of Shivaji, specializing in guerrilla warfare techniques. From childhood until the death of Shivaji, he remained loyal to the crown, and played a major role in the Battle of Pratapgad. Yesaji even fought a drunken elephant for Shivaji Maharaj. Yesaji was one of the most trusted partners thatChatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had. There are claims that he was seven feet tall.


Robot Name YESAJI
Year of creation 2018
Robot Weight category 110 Kg
Robot Type Grabber and Lifter
Robot Dimensions (L*B*H) mm
Material used in robot Titanium,
EN24, UHMW, En19, Alluminium 6061 T6
Drive Motors Ampflow A28-400 (1 per side)
ESC Used for Drive Vex Victor BB (1 per side)
Drive Gearbox Ratio 7.27:1 (custome Gearbox)
Drive motors RPM After Reduction 674 Rpm
Wheel Size 7 inch
Theoretical Top speed of robot 14.1 MPH
Weapon Motor A28 400
ESC Used for weapon Vex Victor BB
Weapon Pulley Ratio Chain Drive to Lifter
Weapon RPM at max 35 RPM
Weapon Material &
Hardening (HRC)
Titanium Tube and sheet
Weapon Weight
Weapon Shaft Diameter
Bearing Used in Weapon
Thickness of Top Plate 6mm
Thickness of Base Plate 12mm
Chassis Material Aluminium 6061 T6
Attachments split wedges and fixed from outside
Armor Attachments Titanium Grade 5
Kill switch MS-02 Kill Switch For Drive & Weapon
Battrey Used & Specs of Battrey
Turnigy nano tech 6S 8000MAH 25C (2pc in parrallel for drive and 2pc in parrallel for Lifter)
Robot Exact weight with
highest weight attachment
109 Kg
Machining cost with
Material and without eletronics
1.3 Lacs
Top achievements Participated in The Fighting
Robots Series in China, 2018

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